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Casting in a backcountry stream.



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Catch your audience with words that have a hook. Regular, compelling content shows your audience you're just like them.

Bring your audience along for a journey. Words with a laugh, forests, and delicious food makes us feel like we were there around the campfire. 

Photos are a window into your world. Proving you walk the walk creates trust with your audience. Photos that make them want to get outside? Even better. 


    People are spending less time outdoors and are less connected to nature than ever before.  


    We know that outdoor industry growth is a tool to change this narrative.

    This is because outdoor businesses:

  • Recruit new recreators through confidence building and education

  • Retain current recreators through inspiring and entertaining content, goods, and services

  • Reactivate folks who return to their once-loved outdoor recreation activities 


     Outdoor business owners:

  • Love outdoor recreation and want to share it with others

  • Want to make an impact, expand their reach, and find more clients in the world of outdoor recreation 


     Working in outdoor education taught me that outdoor companies need writing that sells without sacrificing the genuine and authentic desires behind the business.


     The best outdoor writing balances SEO tactics, marketing strategies, social theories, and authenticity to:

  • Inspire someone to purchase an item, attend a course, or take a class

  • Help someone learn what your business is all about

  • Put you in conversation with your audience 24/7

  • Provide someone with an experience

  • Teach a skill, mindset, or process    


     I help outdoor businesses like yours share what you love, expand your reach, and give you more time to focus on what you do best. 


     More clients, more time, more impact? That sounds good to me.  

     I'm Hiroto, an outdoor recreation writer and photographer.


     Outdoor companies need outdoor writing that combines subject matter expertise, industry-leading marketing conventions, and your unique brand. 


     When you work with me, I create inbound marketing materials, write powerful stories, and provide articles that will inspire future clients, customers, and partners to go to you, start a new hobby, or improve their craft.   


      You will save more time and more energy while the writing speaks for itself.

    The outdoor community is an activity-based and hobby-driven audience with a wide variety of skill levels, product preferences, and personal goals. After conversations with the audiences of guide services to city agencies, I learned that outdoor recreation writing can inspire or alienate in the blink of an eye. This audience expects writing to be informed, genuine, and thought-provoking. w

     With a background in professional writing and outdoor education, I make sure your content is backed by industry experience, an understanding of your audience, and a personal interest in your company's craft.


     What I do converts readers and watchers into recreators.


"Excellent freelancer to work with!"


Fischer Media Solutions



     I  provide expert online content, articles, blogs, and photographs that inspire readers to become clients, customers, and students.

     I became a freelance outdoor writer by combining my passion for outdoor recreation with a background in outdoor education and professional writing. Everything I provide is well-researched, original, and comprehensive.


     Articles with incredible writing and compelling photography go hand-in-hand. 

     And forget writing to reach a word count, taking shortcuts through keyword stuffing, or fluffy details that don't add to a reader's experience. I write for two reasons:

  1. A desire to inspire others

  2. The drive to help outdoor businesses reach more people, make more of an impact, and thrive

     I care about the quality of my work and about the businesses that I work with. That means I hit deadlines, consistently offer excellent results, and communicate clearly.


     Here is what's always included:

  • In-Depth Topic Research

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Audience Evaluation

  • Brainstorming and Pitching article ideas

  • Organization for readability

  • Thorough editing

  • Photography options based on your needs


I offer rates on a case-by-case basis.


     I want what you want: to engage with the outdoor world, help and inspire people, and make a living doing it.


     I work with individuals, small businesses, and corporations. Everyone's essentials are different.  Offering rates on a case-by-case basis allows me to be flexible with what I provide based on my client's unique needs.

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