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What is a copywriter?
Why work with Hiro for outdoor copywriting?

Copywriters: A copywriter writes logically, emotionally, and persuasively to convince someone to perform an action. For many positions, that means selling a product or a service through compelling writing (read "copy").

Hiro: As a copywriter, my personal mission is to help outdoor recreation and nature-based business owners through crafting writing that inspires. I believe in the work that we're doing. Check out my YouTube, or Instagram. You have the business side down, let me help with the writing. Are you a good writer? Then let me take some of this work off your plate so you can put more of the stuff you really want to do, on it. 

But people don't need copywriting anymore. They want video, clickbait, reels!

People don't read writing when it feels fake. People do read writing that inspires, that captivates, that compels them to say, "This person really gets how I feel!" 

My quest is to write that post, that email, and that landing page in a way that sings. Together, we can work together to create a brand voice that shows people just how much you care about the work you're doing

Hiro's Three Outdoor Writing Pillars

At the core of all my writing is a thorough understanding of three things: the English language, storytelling, and outdoor education. I graduated from school with a degree in English and minors in professional writing and outdoor education. I have worked as a fishing guide, outdoor educator, and naturalist for small businesses, nonprofits, and district governments. 

Copy of Plant Paper

English Language

My grasp of the English language helps me find the right words for the right situation. I work tirelessly to edit and re-edit copy that comes out clean and concise. My wins are when someone says, "That's how I felt but couldn't put it into words." 

It's my job.   



Story is powerful. It can change lives. I strive to find the right stories, the core stories, that tell the world who you are and why you work to celebrate the outdoors and nature in all its facets. I am a published essayist telling my own stories and helping others tell theirs.  

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Outdoor Education 

My outdoor education background and 3+ years of experience in the field make me fluent in the words, goals, and practices of outdoor brands. I not only love to fish, hunt, and hike among other things. I also have the passion and mindset of an educator sharing these opportunities with students. 

I want to know your hesitations about copywriters. Ask some questions in your message!

     Worried about the copywriting cost? The deadline? The lack of access? The quality of the copy, content, or other material?

     The #1 thing I learned from outdoor education is the importance of communication. I won't know your hesitations until you let me know what they are. And I won't know what you are looking for without asking you. 

     Reaching out costs nothing except a few minutes of your time and a moment to hit "SEND." After that, well, anything could happen. I'd love to hear from you. 

Not interested in copywriting services but love the outdoors?

     Do you want to just talk about how fun outdoor rec is? How good it feels to go hiking? How putting smiles on people's faces feels so rewarding?

     I do too.

     You see, I think passion is infectious. The more people I talk with that light up when they tell me about their passion project, their favorite story, the hobby that keeps them healthy, sane, and happy, the more I am inspired to do the work that I feel called to do. That's why I have my Youtube and Instagram geared to share our same passions!

     Like I said in the beginning, I am just like you. And I chose to use the skills that I am good at and passionate about to create the change I wish to see in the world. 

     I'd love to hear from you. 

Want to know more about what copywriting services I offer?

Shoot me a quick email about your interest, and I'll send along a menu of items that I'm confident will pique your interest.