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Outdoor Editorial Work

Whether it's outdoor feature stories for magazines like Florida Sportsman's Shallow Water Angler, The Fly Fish Journal, or Farm and Ranch Living, my outdoor lifestyle and nature-inspired essays draw the reader into the journey.

My interviews, reviews, and how-to articles bring a subject to life for your audience.

Florida Sportsman Shallow Water Angler.jpg


Florida Sportsman Shallow Water Angler 

The fishing feature Essay "Two Dollars for All Day" celebrates saltwater pier fishing life and the people we meet on the water. 


The fishing feature essay "Back to the Beginner's Mind" describes the angler's penchant for thinking that "the grass is greener" somewhere else. It also emphasizes the importance of coming to the water with fresh eyes so wonder doesn't escape us. 

Trout Unlimited Minnesota.jpg
Farm And Ranch Living_edited.jpg


The outdoor lifestyle feature essay "A Season In The Field" explores the presence of life, death, and beauty over a winter season as a farm hand. I worked during the pumpkin harvest and Christmas tree period. 


"The MCV Q&A: Challenge Accepted"  article was an interview I recorded, transcribed, and organized with Chance York. Chance is the host of Twin Cities PBS series called "Outside Chance."

Minnesota Conservation Volunteer_edited.jpg



Black Hills State University Bellman Award for Undergraduate Student Writing

I received first place in the "Literary Analysis" category for an academic essay concerning Ernest Hemingway.


Two nature essays are featured in South Dakota Master Naturalist's Newsletter:

-Portrait of a Naturalist

-Looking After Salamanders

Master Naturalist Logo.png


My fly fishing feature essay "Detour By Fly" was featured in the Artifact Department.

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