About the Dendroki Podcasts​​​

What is Dendroki?


Well, this word is a combination of the Greek prefix dendro- meaning "of, or relating to trees" and the Japanese word Ki meaning "tree" or "breath." I believe this mix of Western and Eastern language evokes a sense of balance in culture, philosophy, and nature. By merging the two broad schools of thought, I strived for a sense of dynamic balance in a single word that derives its power from its flexibility. This ties into my belief that outdoor recreation and nature-based skills, hobbies, and crafts are vehicles for holistically beneficial lifestyle choices. Not only that but there's something for everyone in the suite of skills and practices that connect us to the natural world.


This interview-style podcast is focused on doing and doers. I am merely a guide on the side creating a platform where experts and their interests are free to shine. We focus on stories from the field, tips for getting involved, and words of inspiration​

Topics may include:

  • Sourdough Bread baking

  • Home ferments

  • Hunting (bowhunting, traditional archery)

  • Fishing (fly fishing)

  • Fly Tying

  • Rockhounding, gold panning, or gem and crystal mining

  • Photography

  • Painting

  • And More...