About the Questing YouTube​​​

We all strive to find something to do with our time. Well, what to do with our free time is a great question that gets at the common hope for purpose and meaning. It's easy to forget that within the word "question" is the word QUEST. We all need a quest. This YouTube that I run with my fiance, Emma, asks the question "What is your quest?" and offers up some great options for how to answer it. With a strong emphasis on outdoor recreation and nature-based skills, hobbies, crafts, and art, we strive to educate and entertain in our journey to find fun through new activities.

This YouTube is all about Emma and I's adventures in the world alongside the folks we meet and things we do.

Topics may include:

  • Sourdough Bread baking

  • Home ferments

  • Hunting (bowhunting, traditional archery)

  • Fishing (fly fishing)

  • Fly Tying

  • Rockhounding, gold panning, or gem and crystal mining

  • Photography

  • Painting

  • And More...

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