About The Newsletter

      What is Dendroki? Well, this word is a combination of the Greek prefix dendro- meaning "of, or relating to trees" and the Japanese word Ki meaning "tree" or "breath." I believe this mix of Western and Eastern language evokes a sense of balance in culture, philosophy, and nature. By merging the two broad schools of thought, I strived for a sense of dynamic balance in a word that derives its power from its flexibility.

     The Dendroki Newsletter is a vehicle for outdoor recreation and nature-based skills, hobbies, and crafts discovery. In each newsletter, there will be a creative nonfiction essay and a mix and match collection of brand new images, book reviews, industry updates, recipes, personal reflections, news, tips and techniques for your practice, and more. The list of possible topics is wide but not endless. Each edition will be a brand new collection of thought projects centered around outdoor recreation and nature-based skills, hobbies, and crafts. They are perfect little morsels of education, inspiration, and curiosity.

Topics may include:

  • Self-actualization and the path to a personal practice

  • Hobbies and the impact they have on our lives

  • Craft, practice, theory

  • Nature knowledge

  • Book topics

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